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You saved the Southland Jamboree!!

Good and faithful Southland Jamboree fans, I am excited to announce that, with YOUR help, a partial 2018 season of the Southland Jamboree will open on Monday nights beginning July 2.

FUNDS STILL NEEDED: As of 5/25, we are over $6000 toward our goal of $8000 to fund the 10 Monday nights between July 2 and September 3 Labor Day, so we are going on faith here that our fans will continue to donate to get us to that goal. And past it if possible which would mean more security for planning next year’s full season.
Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/c5f72-save-the-southland-jamboree

We hope to publish the schedule for this abbreviated season soon.

ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING: We need your help! Not just financial help, but we would like to expand the troupe of volunteers to more than just a small handful. We need help with PR, sponsorship recruitment and scheduling, food truck scheduling, trash can pickups after the concerts, putting up and taking down signs, jam leaders and starters, etc. If you can help us, please join us Tuesday June 5 – contact me (message Southland Jamboree  on Facebook or email Beth R. Tibbitts) and we’ll arrange a location, probably in the Southland Drive area. Some of you have already volunteered but more are welcome.

You saved the Music! Can’t wait until Monday July 2 at 7:00 pm.
Hopefully I can announce our opening band (and more of the schedule) “real soon now.”

Please Donate to save the Southland Jamboree!
For a poster you can print and distribute to publicize our campaign to Save the Southland Jamboree, click here. click here. GoFundMe-SaveTheSouthlandJamboree-poster


2018 Season

For the 2018 season, Southland Jamboree will continue at the MoonDance at Midnight Pass Amphitheatre in Beaumont Centre., beginning Monday July 2 and continuting, hopefully, through September 3, Labor Day.We have excellent permanent stage and sound facilities,  increased audience space and parking, while still not far away from our original space behind Collins Bowling on Southland Drive.

    • Southland Jamboree will be revived! … to be on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning on July 2 and continuing through the summer until Labor Day (September 3).

Other Bluegrass Opportunities

See also More bluegrass music events and resources in the Central Kentucky Area to fuel your love of Bluegrass music in the Jamboree off-season.

Lexington’s 2017  Festival of the Bluegrass is June 8-11.

Contact Information

For Jamboree information, including band booking information, contact  Billy Sherrow.

This website is designed and maintained by Friends of the Southland Jamboree member Beth Tibbitts, in appreciation of our Jamboree support group.

To join Friends, please make your check in the amount of $35 payable to the Southland Jamboree and mail to:
The Southland Association
P.O. Box 4756
Lexington, KY 40544-4756
Or see Phil Wyant at the Jamboree where you can pay your annual dues by cash or check.

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