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2018 season:

From Billy Sherrow (as of 5/8/18):
I regret to announce that the Southland Jamboree will be unable to continue for the 2018 season due to lack of funding. As most of you are aware, the Jamboree, has been sponsored by the Southland Association and has always been free to the public. I want to thank Southland Association and all the people who have made it possible for the last twelve years. All the LFUCG officials have been more than supportive. All the council members who have served over the last twelve years, the major’s office and Parks and Recreation. A special thanks to Phil Wyant who brought the idea to the Southland Board in the first place. Without him, it never would have happened. A special thanks also to Beth Tibbitts, who may be bluegrass music’s most enthusiastic supporter. She has kept people up to date on the Southland Jamboree website and through social media and a huge help in other areas.

A special thanks to Collins Bowling for allowing us the use of their facilities for nine years. There was something about that place that just worked. Thanks also to Celeste Lewis with Parks and Rec for allowing us to use the facility at Beaumont for the last three years. Special thanks also to some of the faithful sponsors and particularly Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Company, who was our season sponsor for several years. Some of our other loyal sponsors were Donut Days, Good Food Coop, Old Kentucky Chocolates, State Farm Insurance, Forcht Bank with their free ice cream, and The Ketch.

I want to especially thank all the performers who were always willing to play at the Southland Jamboree. We were fortunate to have some of the best local, regional and national talent to play at the Jamboree even though our budget was always limited. The local bands particularly were always willing to play for whatever we could afford and it was all of the great local and regional talent that made the Jamboree a success.

Finally, I want to thank the fans. We have a wonderful bluegrass fan base in Central Kentucky and it was all of you that made the Jamboree a huge success. Thank you for your faithful support over the last twelve years. It has been a lot of fun for all of us.

Southland Jamboree was at MoonDance Amphitheatre in Beaumont Centre for the 2017 season,
Mondays at 7:00 pm. See the Schedule of concerts.
Please consider donating as a business sponsor or individual friends, and/or volunteering.  See the Friends page for more details. 

The Southland Jamboree in Lexington, Kentucky is a FREE bluegrass music concert series that happens weekly during the summer in south Lexington. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and join us for some bluegrass music! Bring your instrument and join in the jam after the show.


2017 Season

For the 2017 season, Southland Jamboree will continue at the MoonDance at Midnight Pass Amphitheatre in Beaumont Centre. We have excellent permanent stage and sound facilities,  increased audience space and parking, while still not far away from our original space behind Collins Bowling on Southland Drive.

    • Southland Jamboree will continue to be on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning on Memorial Day (May 29) and continuing through the summer until Labor Day (September 4).

Other Bluegrass Opportunities

See also More bluegrass music events and resources in the Central Kentucky Area to fuel your love of Bluegrass music in the Jamboree off-season.

Lexington’s 2017  Festival of the Bluegrass is June 8-11.

Contact Information

For Jamboree information, including band booking information, contact  Billy Sherrow.

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Or see Phil Wyant at the Jamboree where you can pay your annual dues by cash or check.

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