Face Masks

Contact beth@tibweb.com for details.

We consider this a donation, and the face mask is a free benefit. Please donate via Paypal to

Suggested donation is 2 masks for $20.

Please select “paying for an item or service” , indicate which mask(s) you would like in the notes, and include your address, and it will be mailed to you via USPS.

Fabric selections:
  1. Red white and blue trucks
  2. Old cars
  3. Blue guitars on black  SOLD OUT
  4. Blue guitars on grey ONE LEFT
  5. University of Kentucky Wildcats NOW AVAILABLE again
  6. Black and white guitars
  7. Pink guitars  SOLD OUT
  8. Yellow guitars
  9. Fiddles and basses on Black SOLD OUT but can make more if ordered
  10. Instruments
  11. Instruments 2