Friends and Sponsors of the Southland Jamboree –
“The Support Team”

Southland Jamboree is a free weekly concert. We are funded by sponsors and friends – donations from music lovers – and run entirely by volunteers. Please consider a donation to be added to our “Friends” list and volunteer to help our team!

Sponsors are also available for local businesses or others for the following:

  • Full sponsorship for $500 per week – our announcer makes two announcements before and during the concert about your business.
  • Half sponsorship  for $250 per week – our announcer makes two of these announcements, sharing the spotlight between the two businesses.
  • Sponsors are also welcome to set up a table and distribute items or free samples for your business.
  • For sponsorship information, contact Beth Tibbitts at

Individual Friends donations are $35 – checks can be mailed to the Southland Association (P.O. Box 4756, Lexington, KY 40544-4756) or cash or checks given to Phil Wyant or other Jamboree organizers at the weekly concerts.

Volunteers are always needed at the weekly concerts to help with setup and teardown, etc.  Please volunteer to keep our concerts free!


The Friends list for 2016 was: 

Brenda Bender (new member 2016)
Fred & Carlynn Brandon
Robert Brown
Ron Cobb
Roger Combs
Ted Critchfield
Mark Cunningham
Henry Duncan (new member 2016)
Paul and Scotty Eakin
James E. Hardin
James F. Hardin
Don Burks & Shelby Henley
Jack Martin
Kevin Maudsley (new member 2016)
Lee & Victoria Meyer (new member 2016)
Clyde Newcomb
Dick & Joyce Quiggins
Van Ramey
Richard Ramsdell
Greer & Serena Streetman
Kim & Michael Steinmetz
Phil and Carolyn Wyant


To join Friends, please make your donation check in the amount of $35 or more payable to the Southland Jamboree and mail to:
The Southland Association
P.O. Box 4756
Lexington, KY 40544-4756
Or see Phil or Carolyn Wyant at the Jamboree where you can pay your annual dues by cash or check.

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